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From "Lally Singh" <>
Date Mon, 09 Apr 2007 01:40:53 GMT
Ugh, what's needed to build the docs for Cocoon 2.2?

>From Cocoon SVN, is it possible to build a local copy of the docs?
All I've been able to get so far is mvn javadoc:generate, which
generates lots of little block-local javadoc sites.

I've even installed daisy 2.0, and set it up with a ~/.m2/settings.xml
that points to it.  I just end up with an authentication error for a
username/password I know is correct (as I've uninstalled/reinstalled
daisy 3 times with the same dumb-stupid combination daisy/daisy, I
don't think it's likely a typo).

Really, is it necessary to get daisy up & running just to get at some
javadocs?  If so, is there a recent copy somewhere online?

Thanks in advance,

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