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From "Lincoln Mitchell" <>
Subject How to have a Question mark in a URL
Date Tue, 08 May 2007 06:21:46 GMT
Hi all,

I can generating an image with text in it. The text is in the URL an example
here is "sometext" in the url:

The problem is the text is dynamic and may include a "?". If this happens
then I get the an error. For example the URL:

Notice the ? in "sometext?". The resulting error is:

Resource not found
org.apache.cocoon.ResourceNotFoundException: No pipeline matched request:

There should be a ? after "h5_sometext" but everything after and including
the "?" is removed.

I realize "?" are significant in URL's but is there a way to get round this.

More info:
The text need to be in the URL as its matched via the pipeline below which
serializes as svg2jpeg:
<map:match pattern="h5_*.jpg">
	<map:generate src="content.xml"/>
	<map:transform src="wordml2svgH5.xsl">
		<map:parameter name="image" value="{1}"/>
	<map:serialize type="svg2jpeg"/>

Many thanks for any assistance.


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