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From Christofer Dutz <>
Subject Problems with CForms when using JavaFlow
Date Wed, 09 May 2007 10:30:13 GMT

I migrated my application from Flowscript to JavaFlow and so far 
everything is working fine. Everything except one thing: I was using a 
custom Generator for providing content for my suggestion lists. This 
doesn't seem to work anymore since I switched to JavaFlow. My first test 
was using the original SuggestionListGenerator and supprisingly this 
can't find the Form instance too. After doing quite some extensive 
debugging for the last days it seems the form instance is no longer 
accessible from other pipelines ... especially the 
"_cocoon/forms/suggest" which is used to provide input to the 

When seting the form instance the location of the object is the folowing:

FormInstance form = (FormInstance) ((VarMap) ((Map) ((ComponentContext) 
((ContinuationContext) ((Continuation) ((WebContinuation) 

Unfortunately there is no "object-model" when looing up the object model 
again from another pipeline :( 
I used to look up the continuation object using the continuation-id 
provided to the suggestion-list pipeline. There I could get the form 
instance and do whatever I needed to ... this no longer works :(

Any ideas?


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