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From Jerome Benezech <>
Subject embedded eXist won't startup on Linux prod
Date Wed, 09 May 2007 02:28:15 GMT
Hi all,

My application uses cocoon 2.2 and an embedded eXist
database. The eXist part runs well on my developpement
environement (XP, jetty) but I run into problems
deploying it on my production server (Linux, tomcat
After (re)starting the webapp, I connect to my base
URL and get the "Local Database Server is not running"
message. At that point, eXists seem to have started
correctly (exist.log) and no error besides the
"Database not running" can be found in cocoon.log or
tomcat log.

I manage to start it eventually doing the following:
- delete the lock file dbx_dir.lck on the database
- delete the lock file  WEB-INF/data/journal.lck
- access directly the exist servlet in the URL:

After doing that, I can access my cocoon URL with no
problem. But this is off course not a viable solution
for a production environement.

My prod environement is running on a shared Linux
account so I do not have control over the tomcat part.

Any idea where this problem could come from ? 
One big difference between dev and prod is of course
Linux permissions. I installed my app using my user
account but the web server is running as
tomcat:nobody. So I guess tomcat:nobody needs
permissions to some directories. I for now (to get
started until I find a better solution) gave full
permission (777) to the database and logs directories.

Any help appreciated.

Jerome Benezech

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