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From Kai Mütz <>
Subject RE: embedded eXist won't startup on Linux prod
Date Wed, 09 May 2007 08:54:30 GMT
Try to start eXist during application startup by declaring the
DatabaseAdminServlet in web.xml and starting in before Cocoon servlet, e.g.:



HTH, Kai <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> My application uses cocoon 2.2 and an embedded eXist
> database. The eXist part runs well on my developpement
> environement (XP, jetty) but I run into problems
> deploying it on my production server (Linux, tomcat
> 5.5.9).
> After (re)starting the webapp, I connect to my base
> URL and get the "Local Database Server is not running"
> message. At that point, eXists seem to have started
> correctly (exist.log) and no error besides the
> "Database not running" can be found in cocoon.log or
> tomcat log.
> I manage to start it eventually doing the following:
> - delete the lock file dbx_dir.lck on the database
> - delete the lock file  WEB-INF/data/journal.lck
> - access directly the exist servlet in the URL:
> After doing that, I can access my cocoon URL with no
> problem. But this is off course not a viable solution
> for a production environement.
> My prod environement is running on a shared Linux
> account so I do not have control over the tomcat part.
> Any idea where this problem could come from ?
> One big difference between dev and prod is of course
> Linux permissions. I installed my app using my user
> account but the web server is running as
> tomcat:nobody. So I guess tomcat:nobody needs
> permissions to some directories. I for now (to get
> started until I find a better solution) gave full
> permission (777) to the database and logs directories.
> Any help appreciated.
> Jerome
> Jerome Benezech
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