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From "Leonid Geller" <>
Subject RE: hostname lookup
Date Tue, 05 Jun 2007 00:41:38 GMT
hostname of the http requestor/client. we have the lookup disabled in apache (2.2.4), so requests
handled by the web server or our j2ee container/default web app do not experience this problem.
we can tell that because 1) they result in access log entries that have client ip, not hostname,
and 2) they are very fast :)
a request to a cocoon web app results in the client's hostname logged in access log, and if
the client is behind a proxy/firewall that prevents IP->host resolution, this results in
a 15-20 sec response delay. subsequent requests from the same client return instantaneously,
as the dns entry is now cached.
i looked at the cocoon xconf and web.xml, nothing stands out... 

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	From: Andrew Stevens [] 
	Sent: Mon 6/4/2007 8:01 PM 
	Subject: RE: hostname lookup

	What hostname(s) is being looked up?  The most common reason I've seen in our apps for name
lookups (and subsequent outgoing HTTP requests) is when someone forgets to add a new DTD to
the entity resolver's catalog.
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	> Subject: hostname lookup
	> Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2007 18:02:07 -0400
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	> How can I disable hostname lookup in Cocoon 2.1.10? It slows down our application immensely!
	> Thanks,
	> -Leonid Geller
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