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From Manuel Mata <>
Subject Form library limitation ?
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2007 16:17:43 GMT
Hi all. I have a widget defined in a libray to reuse
it in forms but i have the next problem. This is the
widget in the library.

<fd:field id="phone">
<fd:label><i18n:text key=""/>:</fd:label>
<fd:help><i18n:text key=""/></fd:help>
<fd:hint><i18n:text key=""/></fd:hint>
<fd:datatype base="string"/>
<fd:length max="12"/>
<fd:regexp pattern="\d{9}|\d{3} \d{3} \d{3}|\d{3}
\d{2} \d{2} \d{2}">

And when i use it in a form definition the required
attribute doesnt work.

<fd:import prefix="basic" uri="widgets.xml"/>
<fd:expand id="basic:phone" required="true"/>

Would this be a bug or Im using it badly ?

Thx anyway. See ya.

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