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From Dev at weitling <>
Subject Re: Cocoon Forms vs. JSF
Date Mon, 04 Jun 2007 14:15:55 GMT
Hi Christian,

I don't know JSF/MyFaces yet, but consider my 2 cents:
You may put those ten forms into one, making "page" switches e.g. via
Ajax/union widget. Though I would not recommend it :-)
I'm at the moment forced to code forms via plain JSP. And it's ugly
mixing view, logic, model. So it really makes sense to split it into
several parts.


Christian Schlichtherle wrote:
> Hi,
> as I said I am new to Cocoon. My point was just that within Cocoon you could
> do Forms "the Cocoon way" with Cocoon Forms and either Actions or Flow or
> you could do them "the JSF way" with the MyFaces implementation.
> As you figured, with both approaches, I could build forms which produce XML
> and then use a Cocoon pipeline to render the output to (X)HTML.
> Now my question is which route to follow. Here's my impression so far:
> + AFAIK, Cocoon Forms produce SAX events and hence should perform very good
> when combined with the rendering pipeline. I don't know how I could make JSF
> generate SAX events rather than a text stream with XML.
> + On the other hand, I foresee productivity scalability issues: Suppose I
> need to do ten forms. With Cocoon Forms, I would have to do ten Form
> Definitions, plus ten JXTemplates, plus the controller logic plus a plethora
> of pipeline definitions in sitemap.xmap. This doesn't scale very good and
> uses a mix of very distinct technologies.
> All in all, I appreciate the potential performance benefits with Cocoon
> Forms, but I'm not impressed by the effort to get to it.
> So I would like to know best practices from other users.
> Kind regards,
> Christian
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>> From: Ralph Goers [] 
>> Sent: Monday, June 04, 2007 3:27 PM
>> To:
>> Subject: Re: Cocoon Forms vs. JSF
>> Forgive me if I am misunderstanding, but I'm having a hard 
>> time understanding your question. JSF is essentially the 
>> controller in MVC - your faces config identifies the view 
>> states to go to based upon the view state you are currently 
>> in and the outcome of some actions. JSF provides no specific 
>> view handler, but defaults to use JSPs with special tag 
>> libraries. Interestingly, almost no one recommends using 
>> that. I work with several applications that use JSF with 
>> facelets and it works OK. We use JSF to build JSR-168 portlets.
>> Cocoon, on the other hand, in my opinion is best used as the 
>> view handler. I have a very large Cocoon application that 
>> uses the Cocoon portal to manage the site layout and 
>> aggregate various pieces together, many of which are XML 
>> content. Cocoon is fairly efficient in doing this, largely 
>> because it makes extensive use of caching. For the controller 
>> you can certainly use flow, and many folks here do, but if I 
>> was writing an application that needed more than a primitive 
>> controller (which the Cocoon sitemap provides) I would prefer 
>> to use something like Spring WebFlow instead.
>> I have to wonder why you would say that you don't need 
>> continuations if you are considering JSF?  JSF is very heavy 
>> and its benefits really only come into play if you have an 
>> application that has multiple paths through several screens. 
>> It uses something similar to continuations to keep track of 
>> what the current view state is.
>> I'm afraid I don't quite grasp teh question about reparsing. 
>> Are you suggesting using JSF with Cocoon as the view handler? 
>> (The JSF block demonstrates that that can be done).
>> Ralph
>> Christian Schlichtherle wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I'm pretty new to Apache Cocoon, so this may be stupid question:
>>> I've looked at Cocoon Forms and JSF. Regarding form 
>> processing, both 
>>> seem to be pretty equal in features - components, 
>> technology neutral, 
>>> validation, binding, etc.
>>> Now I wonder why I should prefer Cocoon Forms over JSF. I 
>> don't need 
>>> continuations, so Flow doesn't matter to me.
>>> The most important thing I figured so far is: With JSF, the 
>> output is 
>>> always serialized to text, whereas Cocoon Forms can be part 
>> of the SAX 
>>> event pipeline. So with JSF I would need to parse the 
>> output again if 
>>> I want to transform the generated XML.
>>> Am I correct?
>>> With best regards,
>>> Christian Schlichtherle
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>>> Schlichtherle IT Services
>>> Wittelsbacherstr. 10a
>>> 10707 Berlin
>>> Tel: +49 (0) 30 / 34 35 29 29
>>> Mobil: +49 (0) 173 / 27 12 470
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