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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Re: Styling an fd:multivaluefield item?
Date Fri, 08 Jun 2007 06:01:32 GMT

I thought I explained my problem quite well :)
The core issue is that each item essentially needs two key properties:
* a numeric (or text) value
* a true/false status
The first "value" has to be styled as an input box "value" attribute; the 
second has to be styled as an input box "checked=true/false" attribute. 
The current fd:form definition does not allow me to add the true/false
status property to an item definition - or, if it does, I am not clear how.
Does this make more sense?

>>> Baptiste Placé <> 2007/06/07 05:33:15 PM >>>


I dont understand well your problem, where do you want to process the 
checked attribute ?
Maybe you could use some JS DOM scripting to add those attributes. I 
can't give you much advice on form generators :(


Derek Hohls a écrit :
> Hi
> The thread:
> refers...
> The basic question, which was not clearly answered there is "how
> to add *standard* form attributes to an fd:item for an
> fd:multivaluefield?
> The example could be:
> <fd:multivaluefield id="Test">
> <fd:label>TEST</fd:label>
> <fd:datatype base="boolean"/>
> <fd:selection-list
> xmlns:fd="">
> <fd:item value="13020711"><fd:label>foo</fd:label></fd:item>
> <fd:item value="19120623" />
> <fd:item value="19690721" />
> <fd:item value="19700506"/>
> </fd:selection-list> 
>  </fd:multivaluefield>
> In my case, the above item list is actually generated dynamically 
> via a call to:
>  <fd:selection-list  src="cocoon:/db/etc/etc" dynamic="true"/>
> The fd:multivaluefield will be styled as a multi-select checkbox,
> in the form:
>   <input title="foo" name="bar" value="13020711" type="checkbox">
> etc.
> What ALSO needs to appear on the final form is the attribute:
>   checked="true"
> on any number of the input checkboxes.  Ideally, this should be
> done by adding an attribute to the fd:item element.  In the 
> previous thread, some argued this is a "styling" activity - in fact,
> this is only partially the case - the "true" attribute is inherently
> tied 
> to the value, and is created  at the same time as it (during the 
> dynamic generation process).  The styling process in fact takes 
> place later when the "true" property of the item is converted to   
>   checked="true" .
> Any thoughts on how to streamline this process would be
> appreciated.
> Derek

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