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From Dev at weitling <>
Subject Re: Using Variables/attributes in CForm/Ajax/Jexl
Date Fri, 24 Aug 2007 09:01:42 GMT
Hi Grek,

> No problem. Sorry for delay on my side, if you want to know the reason
> take a look at the end of this mail...

The revenge came with a huge delay on my side ;-)

>> So my solution approaches (not exhaustive):
>> a) a html table hiding a column (= a language) via Ajax and
>> WidgetState.INVISIBLE for each affected cell. This seems to be the best
>> solution for accessibility but suffers from a bug [1] returning span's
>> instead of td's.
> I remember your report. I think we should try to tackle down this
> problem because it's really annoying and limiting.
> It would be very helpful if you could come up with really minimal form
> definition and template that shows buggy behaviour and create issue in
> JIRA. This could become a start point for debugging and fixing it.

Now the developers list is flooded with my first JIRA entry (sorry
folks, didn't know this triggers an avalanche), you may have a look at I've stripped it down
to the very core.

> My GSoC project ends in a few days and even though I'll continue my
> work on expression and object model handling in Cocoon I'll have more
> free time to help others. Of course I don't make any promises, we
> don't know in advance if this issue is serious or not.

I've seen the merits you earned on the dev list - a kudo from me, too!
I'm sorry we cannot meet at the GT.

>> b) a html table where the hiding is done via deleting and adding rows.
>> There's a problem reloading the data when the user wants to see a hidden
>> language again and with preventing deletion of database entries.
> You see yourself that it's hacky. Don't even think about such solution
> ;-)

Never thought about this. Not even for a second ;-)

>> d) a table made of div's instead of a classical table. Is a work-around
>> for a) but is bad for screenreaders. And I didn't test if span's are
>> returned or div's.

I found a solution even working for screenreaders: The CSS "display" has
values for table style elements e.g. table, table-row, table-cell
marking a div or another element as table container, row or cell.
But it requires still some CSS tricks...

>> BTW: It seems TeeTransformer has a bug - tags like <br/> are converted
>> in the output to <br> missing the closing element.
> What about JIRA issue? It's really going to be lost on mailing list.

I'll prepare the next avalanche :-)


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