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From Tobia Conforto <>
Subject Re: global:home param local and remote
Date Mon, 08 Oct 2007 07:15:47 GMT
Lincoln Mitchell wrote:
> I am building many website and placing them in folders in webbapp
> 1st I to this locally:
> http://localhost:8888/
> I then move it to the webapp on the server to go live:
> The problem is that when I move to webapp on the server the URLs become
> So how do you get around this?

I like to use custom domain names.

If you can configure a local nameserver, setup a .local (or other) fake
domain with a * (wildcard) record pointing to your development server.
Then you can call and handle the request in
Cocoon.  You just have to put a bit of logic in an action or somewhere,
to strip the .local part from request.getServerName()

If you cannot set up a local nameserver, you will have to put each fake
domain name in your hosts file*, as the hosts file does not support
wildcards, as far as I know.


*: /etc/hosts or c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

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