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From "Filip Pavlin" <>
Subject Tree widget - slow when heavily populated? (2)
Date Tue, 20 Nov 2007 00:41:46 GMT
Hi again,


This is just a follow-up to my previous message (see below).


I looked a bit more into this and I think I might have found the reason for
the slowdown. If I understand it right AJAX is used to limit the data that
is being sent between server and browser, sending only the data that
actually has changed. This is happening on a per-widget basis, i.e. only the
data of the widgets that have changed get sent.

Now here (I think) is the problem. If I expand a node in the tree widget the
whole tree widget is marked to indicate the change. So, if the tree already
has lots of expanded nodes (hundreds) and I expand another node, the whole
tree data is being sent (and not only the data of the node that has been
clicked), which obviously will take more and more time the bigger the tree
grows. Running the cocoon profiler also seemed to confirm this.


My question now is, can anyone confirm my findings and if so, does anyone
know how I could fix this problem, i.e. is there a way that only the node
data gets sent instead of the whole tree data?



Thanks again for your time.



From: Filip Pavlin
Sent: Friday, 16 November 2007 12:10 PM
To: ''
Subject: Tree widget - slow when heavily populated?




I just recently added the cocoon tree widget to our application (which I’m
populating dynamically with data from a database) and everything is working
fine (I’m using cocoon-2.1.9, jdk1.6, tomcat-5.5.17 on Win XP).

However, I noticed that the opening of a node takes significantly longer
(even if there’s only one child-node underneath) if there are lots of nodes
already displayed (with ‘lots of node’ I mean many hundreds or even more).
The opening of the same node takes much less time if I minimize the number
of open nodes.


To illustrate this:




|   |---

|   … (hundreds of open nodes)

|   |---


|---|      <-- opening node with only one child takes about 10s







|---|      <-- opening same node as above (with only one child) takes about





Has anyone observed this kind of behaviour? Is that an expected behaviour?

Apart from the tree population (which as I mentioned is happening
dynamically) everything else is implemented pretty much in the same way as
the tree samples provided with cocoon-2.1.9.



Thanks for your time.




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