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From Mansour <>
Subject Re: cocoon 2.3 will NOT be in java - may be in PERL
Date Thu, 01 Nov 2007 04:48:14 GMT
Thank you for your response.
Before I am going to use maven or look again into it, I need to know a 
bit about cocoon. I have used struts2, jsf, and it looks to me that 
cocoon is just another mvc frame work that uses xml heavily. I don't 
know if this right or wrong. It's advantage is that it can you can write 
an xslt and get the xml data to go through this xslt. You can put more 
than one xslt to process this data, with each one of them has a specific 
target, thus the SoC.
Am I wrong ?

Ralph Goers wrote:
> I can see you are confused. The 2.1 versions of Cocoon need to be 
> built from source because that is the only way to allow you to select 
> the blocks you want to use and not include the stuff you don't want. 
> The 2.2 version of Cocoon has fixed this, however to do that it uses 
> Maven so that you only get the Cocoon dependencies you need from the 
> Maven repository.  Frankly, if you haven't used Maven before I'd 
> recommend you learn it even if you don't end up using Cocoon. It is a 
> very good build tool and is used by a lot of Java projects.  If 
> wasn't helpful to you then I'd 
> suggest you post back with specific questions.
> Ralph
> Mansour wrote:
>> I am newbie to cocoon. I don't understand why the installation have 
>> to be from source. Why not just distribute cocoon as a binary. The 
>> good part about java is that we don't have to build the program, and 
>> the binaries are plat form independent. Building and installing 
>> cocoon somehow reminded me of "make" and "configure" in the old days 
>> of C/C++.
>> Another interesting question. I understand that cocoon is great and 
>> it's used for "separation of concerns" and ... and , and many other 
>> things, and with little efforts and coding, it can even do my laundry 
>> and walk my dog and make pizza for me. But seriously, what is't for? 
>> I have built the war file, and had a look at the samples, but didn't 
>> see any thing different. Again, I don't wanna get anyone mad, and I 
>> agree it's the perfect technology, but where does it fit ? I can do 
>> every thing  in the samples with different XSLT's. SO what's the big 
>> deal?
>> About the tutorials, can I get started without using maven. Why do I 
>> need to learn maven before I learn cocoon.
>> The reason I need to know more about cocoon, because I was working 
>> the other day with jetspeed, and then I started to play with apache 
>> lenya which depends on cocoon. So I decided to have a look at cocoon, 
>> and know I find myself in front of another tool (maven). Will this 
>> chain ever end?? The bottom line, is there any "plain cocoon 
>> tutorial" ? If not, any advice about how to start without having to 
>> read the source code  ;)
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