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From Mansour <>
Subject Re: Starting with Cocoon
Date Sun, 18 Nov 2007 15:53:26 GMT
warrell harries wrote:
> You can build a deployable war file by building to the target war. I 
> believe this is documented but, as with all things open-source, you 
> have to be prepared to dig around until you find the way.
I find my way but stuck with an error saying:


  Internal Server Error

Message: null

Description: No details available.

Sender: org.apache.cocoon.servlet.CocoonServlet

Source: Cocoon Servlet

Request URI



No default type exists for 'pipeline' at file:/opt/tomcat/webapps/mysite/sitemap.xmap:5:17




The contents of the sitemap.xmap:
  1 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
  3 <map:sitemap xmlns:map="">
  4         <map:pipelines>
  5                 <map:pipeline>
  6                         <!-- respond to *.html requests with our 
docs processed by doc2html.xsl -->
  7                         <map:match pattern="**/*.html">
  8                                 <map:generate src="{1}.xml" />
  9                                 <map:transform 
src="stylesheets/doc2html.xsl" />
 10                                 <map:serialize type="html" />
 11                         </map:match>
 13                 </map:pipeline>
 14         </map:pipelines>
 15 </map:sitemap>

> The simplest way to get your head around Cocoon is to use the Jetty 
> based distribution until you understand the Cocoon paradigm.
Look, I have built it successfully on linux, and browsed the samples. I 
have rebuilt the the minimal Cocoon. All I need was, what is the minimum 
jars, config files, directory structure ...etc. required to get Cocoon 
running. Every answer I have got was about using it. I was looking to 
understand the components needed. I came across this page which was 
somewhat helpful

The answers I was given were not related in anyway to my question. We 
all learned through building the hello world example, and added 
functionality as needed. That's all I wanted.

> BTW, from the tone of your emails it is as if you think that the 
> Cocoon community is obliged to guide you every step of the way.
Cocoon community is not obliged to guide me, but I am not expecting 
someone form the community to answer me with an answer for a question I 
did not ask. I don't want to waste their resources either, but it looked 
like the previous posts were trying to give me Cocoon their own way.

> It would be great if there were enough resources to do this but time 
> and skills are always in demand and limited supply. I cannot speak for 
> the many talented and dedicated people that have built and continue to 
> improve this project, however, I rather expect that the concensus of 
> their thoughts would be that you should be prepared to put in a little 
> more effort yourself before trying to cajole trivial help from the 
> community.
I definitely read the manual  and tried to read the site documentation 
before posting. On the other hand, what is trivial for you may not look 
the same for others.
> Regards
> Warrell
> On 18/11/2007, *Mansour* < 
> <>> wrote:
>     This was not help at all.
>     What is the part that is hard to understand in my first question?
>     I asked about how to write a small hello world application from
>     scratch
>     and dump it in my tomcat/webapp. I Struts2, I include the jars in the
>     WEB-INF/lib and configure web.xml and other files.
>     This is the question ---> How do I do this in Cocoon? And what
>     should go
>     in these files?
>     The Answer goes here ---> .......
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