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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject Re: Starting with Cocoon
Date Sun, 18 Nov 2007 23:37:52 GMT

Mansour wrote:
> It's working NOW. Can not thank you enough for this!
> Now, let's figure out why it was failing. I was following the tutorial 
> on
> and I obtained the site map contents from their. If the site map was 
> missing something, how did you know that this is caused by the 
> contents of the cocoon.xconf ??
> This tells me that the sitemap is read before cocoon.xconf, and 
> contents of the later has to be initialized by the former ! Am I right ?
When you build Cocoon 2.1 by running using the defaults there 
will be a sitemap.xmap in build/webapp. This sitemap is the root and 
shouldn't be changed much (if you do you should know what you are doing) 
as it contains all kinds of definitions you need. You would then put 
your sitemap in a directory below this similar to the sitemap.xmap in 
the samples directory. Your sitemap inherits the stuff in the root 
sitemap. If I understand what you did correctly, the problem was that 
you replaced the root sitemap with your own which didn't contain any of 
the stuff you needed.

The cocoon build will also create cocoon.xconf and put the definitions 
you need for the desired blocks in it. You should only modify it if you 
are adding your own components. Again, you'll only do this if you know 
what you are doing and have a reason.

So, in short, with 2.1 the best way to build your own Cocoon application 
is to follow the directions and edit and to suit your needs. Then go on from there.

As others have stated, the process with 2.2 is very different than this 
and is hopefully easier. If you have problems trying to build 2.2 feel 
free to keep asking for help.


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