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From Mansour <>
Subject Re: Starting with Cocoon
Date Mon, 19 Nov 2007 14:14:44 GMT
Joerg Heinicke wrote:
> On 18.11.2007 18:53 Uhr, Mansour wrote:
>> For now, maven is not the right choice for me. I need to understand
>> every single file before I use it in my projects. If something goes
>> wrong, I want to find out why and immediately. I need to know how I can
>> utilize it in my work.
> I don't want to scare you but I wonder if that will be ever possible 
> with Maven. To be honest, I have not used Maven often enough to be 
> able to criticize it in a qualified way. But that's my impression so far.
>> I have been looking into Cocoon 2.2 and I am getting ready to build 
>> another HelloWorld from zero using Cocoon 2.2. However, I find very 
>> few jars there. Is this again one of maven's trick to make things 
>> easier? Does it download a different set of jars that are only for 
>> this template?
> Yes, that's how Maven works. You only declare dependencies in your POM 
> and Maven does the rest for you.
Cool. Now I have a better understanding not for maven build but for what 
Cocoon team are trying to do. Basically, you are trying to get the user 
to create a "block that uses Cocoon" and deploy it to a Cocoon 
deployment. So in other word you are making Cocoon a platform. The block 
that I created is not a Cocoon application but an application that runs 
under Cocoon's deployment. If this is true, then how can I create from 
scratch a stand alone Cocoon application ? As I said, I need to drop the 
war in tomcat/webapp and DONE.

I understand the  role of a root sitemap and subsite. But I need my 
subsite to run as a site. I figured this out with Cocoon 2.1 but the 
maven thing in C2.2 is not allowing me to see what is going on. I think 
I  will continue digging in sometime today.

>> Can I use these jars in another way, like importing them directly 
>> into my app?
> Yes, of course. Maven is about dependency management in the first 
> place. It downloads the jars into a repository, you can grab them from 
> there. As answer to the blog Grek linked [1] I already gave my 
> concerns regarding Maven [2].
> Joerg
> [1] 

> [2] 

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