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From Sébastien Geindre <>
Subject Re: How to transform a subset of xml stream ?
Date Fri, 11 Jan 2008 10:34:50 GMT
Ard Schrijvers a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> I have the following xml stream
>> <example>
>>     <A>...</A>
>>     <wfs:GetFeature>....</wfs:GetFeature>
>> </example>
>> I'd like to call my WFS transformer which make a call to a 
>> WebFeatureService with <wfs:GetFeature> xml stream in 
>> parameters, and keep <A/> tag in the response.
>> th reponse should be :
>> <example>
>>        <A>...</A>
>>         <wfs:featureCollection/> xml response of WFS web 
>> service </example>
>> How can i write my sitemap to do that ?
>> Transform a subset of xml stream ?
> I am a little confused what exactly you want. You want to fetch external xml and transform
it and then embed this in the xml / sax events  you allready have, right? Is this not what
the includetransformer does? 
yes it is, but could includetransformer get all the xml node 
<wfs:GetFeature> and send it to an url as post parameter, then get the 
results back and put it back as xml sax event ?

using the following CInclude parameters ??

    <cinclude:includexml ignoreErrors="true">


which name for the parameter in a httppost ?
cinclude still available with cocoon2.2 ??

thanks for your help.
> Ard

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