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From Grzegorz Kossakowski <>
Subject Re: Cocoon 2.2.x upgrade related help
Date Wed, 16 Jan 2008 20:25:41 GMT
Gautam Ganguly pisze:
> dear Cocooners..
>   My configuration is:
>   1. JDK: 1.6.x
>   2. Tomcat: 6.x
>   3. Cocoon: 2.2.x
>   4. OS: Win 2K Advanced Server
>   I have used Cocoon since early 2.0.4 up until 2.1.10.So
> <http://2.1.10.So> to upgrade to 2.2.x version,i am trying to put 1 and
> 1 together..

Hello Gautam. I'm happy to help you with some of your troubles.

>   So this are my queries...
>   ===========================================================
>   [QUERY-1] : deals with how all the entities work together
>   ===========================================================
>   [Pre-2.2 Version]
>   1. Request gets submitted
>   2. Cocoon Application running inside the Tomcat Container,gets hold of
> the request
>   3. Based on the Sitemap settings,all request for a certain url gets
> forwarded to the
>      Cocoon based web-app say GSite.
>   4. GSite processes the request based on Sitemap settings for that
> request URL and
>      sends the response back.
>   which as i have always picturized inside my head is that :
>   -->Tomcat is the container object for Cocoon,
>           --> Cocoon in turn is the 'container' object to my web-app.
>          --> So if for some reason, Cocoon changes, GSite needs to be
> changed too..

I'm not sure what GSite is exactly. Is it just a normal Cocoon application consisting of sitemap
other resources?

>   [2.2 Version]
>   ------------------
>   1. Request gets submitted
>   2. GSite web-app running inside the Tomcat Container,gets hold of the
> request
>   3. GSite processes the request based on Sitemap settings for that
> request URL and submits the response back.

Don't you think that Cocoon must still be there somewhere in this list? :)
Actually, the processing of request is:
Tomcat -> DispatcherServlet (part of Cocoon subproject) -> SitemapServlet -> sitemap
of your webapp

>   ..if you think so far what i understand is right,then does that mean
> that..
>   1. GSite is now is now a Spring based web-app,

It runs on top of Cocoon which is Spring-based now so it can be said that Cocoon 2.2 applications
are Spring based.

>   2. where Spring framework helps GSite get hold of necessary Cocoon
> dependencies to fulfill the request.

Not sure what do you mean. Could you explain a little bit more?

>   3. So if something inside cocoon changes, my web-app keeps chugging on??

If it's not a major change you can upgrade easily but I guess it's not the answer you expect.

>   if i was a cocoon newbie..i could have not got mudlled up like
> this,but then having been a cocoon user..
>   i have all this baggage that i can't seem to let go off!! Hope,you all
> can make me see the right way..:)

I would love to help but I'm really having hard times with understanding what your problem
exactly. Fortunately, the second question is much more clear so I can give an advice.

>   ===================================================================
>   [QUERY-2] : deals with how to generate a war to use it in Tomcat
>   ===================================================================
>   I have tested used the steps given in
>,to build the test app.
>   Works fine so far, but since i am so used to building war files, how
> do i do that, if this are the following steps that
>   i have followed. I did take help of the link:
> <>., which kinda helpmed me
> but not
>   that much.So this are the following steps that i have followed,i need
> some help with the final steps..
>   1. I create the block using mvn archetype..
>   2. when i do the mvn jetty:run, it works..but
>   3. how do i generate the war file to use it in Tomcat.
>   I did try all of these,in the /getting-started-app/myBlock1 dir:
>   1. mvn clean
>   2. mvn war:war --> cribs about not finding the web.xml file ..
>   [INFO] Error assembling WAR: Deployment descriptor:
> D:\GG\cocoon-2.2\apps\getting-started-app\myBlock1\target\myBlock1-1.0\WEB-INF\web.xml
> does not exist.
>   so i tried running,
>   1. mvn clean
>   2. Changed packaging info in POM.xml under myBlock1 from jar to war
>   3. mvn war:war [OR] mvn cocoon:deploy-war --> same error as above
>   Can someone help me figure all this out,please ??

You cannot make a full blown webapp ready to be installed in Tomcat from block directly. Instead
just follow this tutorial:

Grzegorz Kossakowski
Committer and PMC Member of Apache Cocoon

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