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From Mark Lundquist <>
Subject How to aggregate stream from ExceptionGenerator
Date Mon, 10 Mar 2008 16:24:51 GMT
Okay, this is probably a retarded question, but...

Most of my Cocoon applications are websites that pull content  
documents through XSLT templates to add styling/layout markup (and  
navigation menus) before serializing to HTML.  So the main pipeline  
starts off with an aggregator that pulls in (1) the content document,  
and (2) a document representing a navigation tree (that's transformed  
by some XSLT to create the nav menus).

So... we got tired of the default Cocoon error pages for production  
instances of these sites, because while there are great for developers  
they aren't very friendly to the general public, and companies think  
they look unprofessional.  They would rather have something with the  
normal site look-and-feel, and something that just says "So sorry,  
there was an application error", or a nice "That page does not  
exist" (or whatever) the case of a ResourceNotFoundException.

So, how do I handle the stream that comes out of ExceptionGenerator?   
I can't aggregate it like I do with a resource that I can invoke.  The  
problem is with getting the nav tree document into the stream.

Am I makin' sense here?  Any ideas,

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