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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: [Cocoon 2.2] upload binary files
Date Sat, 08 Mar 2008 09:01:46 GMT
I might be wrong, but my guess is you are falling into the trap that 
uploaded files are deleted at the end of a request. You must save them 
yourself during the request processing.

I would not try to disable multipart filter. But if you can tell us what 
you actually want to do with the file it is easier for us to give 
suggestions how to set it up. You may also show us your current set up 
so that we can tell you were it might go wrong.


On 07.03.2008 12:32, Tobias Rübner wrote:

> I am building a webapp with cocoon 2.2.
> Currently I got stuck with the file upload.
> First I tried to work with a HTTP Servlet and apache.commons.FileUpload.
> But the MultipartHttpServletRequest changed the request and so there is 
> no filedata to handle.
> The parameter named like the file-input now contains the path to the 
> upload directory, but in the file system no file exists.
> Then I tried to use the tuturial provided at the cocoon wiki:
> but I could not find any FileUploadManager in the current cocoon 
> implementation.
> So, can you tell me, how to access a uploaded binary file in a servlet?
> What do I have to enter in the cocoon sitemap?
> Maybe there is an other way to process the file with cocoon or
> there is a way to disable the MultipartHttpServletRequest Filter?
> Tobias

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