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From Tobia Conforto <>
Subject Re: Redirect to GET, strange bug
Date Tue, 01 Apr 2008 09:06:13 GMT wrote:
> FYI: Cocoon's redirects usually escape from the current processing.  
> The redirect is sent to the browser, but the request may not have  
> been processed.  That does not appear to be what you need.

I don't quite understand what you mean here.

> The Redirect from submitting a Form cannot be internal to Cocoon (or  
> any web engine).

Of course.
In fact I'm issuing a global, client-side redirect (no cocoon:  
protocol and a true isGlobal argument to cocoon.redirectTo) and that  
part works flawlessly, regardless of the errors I get in my logs.  The  
problem is, what is causing those errors?

Vadim Gritsenko wrote:
> This redirect URL does not seem to be correct: should start with '?'  
> if passing continuation id as parameter or have '/' instead of '='  
> if passing continuation id in URL path.

We all know URLs can be pretty arbitrary in Cocoon... this is not even  
what my url looks like, it was just an example.

> Hm, what is this exit() method? I don't see it defined neither in  
> Cocoon 2.1 nor 2.2.  To terminate script processing and send  
> redirect to browser you should be using suicide method.

AFAIK cocoon.exit() is the recommended way to call FOM_Cocoon.suicide()

It's mentioned here 
  (while suicide isn't) and its implementation is:

FOM_Cocoon.prototype.exit = function() {

In fact, using FOM_Cocoon.suicide() yields the same results as  
cocoon.exit(), that is, "ProcessingException: Attempted to process  
incomplete pipeline".

Do you have any idea what's causing this message?

Who is attempting to process which incomplete pipeline?  I'm issuing a  
global, client-side redirect, and stopping the flow.  Why is Cocoon  

> Also, it is often a good idea to invalidate the form processing  
> continuation tree, to free up memory and--even if user manages to  
> submit the form again--he will receive 404.

Interesting.  How do I do this?


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