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From Nikolas List <>
Subject Block redirect/dispatch
Date Wed, 09 Apr 2008 06:11:33 GMT
Hello all,

I'm currently working on a cocoon 2.2 application using multiple blocks.
Every block is specialized on serving different content (probably
including forms). What I would like to achieve is to present a unified
URL space to the user, meaning something like

/block-B/otherurl/serving/hints-from plain-file

should be
/contact/         (redirecting to /block-A/niceurl/serving/form)
/contact/hints/   (redirecting to /block-B/otherurl/serving/hints-fr...)

I first thought I could use a core block mounted at "/", resolving the
mapping (I have a spring bean administrating all mappings) and
"redirect" the request via Servlet-Service-Framework
servlet:block-X:/anurl (Redirect means I simply generate the ready
result from src="servlet:block-X:/anurl"). But if I understood the
design of SSF correctly, it is not intended for such kinds of
redirection, as it does (for admittedly good reasons) not redirect the
whole environment including parameters - this is however needed in my
scenario, where only block-X knows how to handle the original HTTP
request (including all request parameters)

The "old" style cocoon://redirect/path doesn't seem to work either as it
will not be dispatched to a different block (as already the Sitemap
Servlet of my core block "/" started to serve the request.

Fiddling with the DispatcherServlet would work, but doesn't seem to be a
good idea ;-)

Is there any natural way to achieve the described target?  Or am I
missing something and the design is bogus?

Best regards,

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