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From Ken Starks <>
Subject Problems or Misconceptions ? on Cocoon 2.2
Date Mon, 02 Jun 2008 12:11:04 GMT
was 'Re: Cocoon 2.2 resources outside of a Block'  in which
Grzegorz Kossakowski wrote:
> Dominic Tootell wrote:
>> Hi Grzegorz,
>> <snip>

> Dominic, you would better have watched my video before posting anything
> here. ;-)
> Actually, what you described above is what our RCL (Maven plug-in) does
> but it does it in much convenient way with more features and multi-block
> support...
> The video shows how you can modify Java classes and Spring configuration
> and see changes immediately but (obviously) the same applies to other
> block resources like XML files, sitemaps, CSS etc.
> After seeing all these e-mails complaining about some non-existing
> problems of C2.2 I think it's right time to prepare "Top 10
> misconceptions on Cocoon 2.2".
> Something to worth consideration...

If people have these misconceptions, it can only be because the 
documentation is
misleading or otherwise flawed. Don't try to push the blame onto the 
users for
not understanding it just because they are not so immersed in Java and the
whole gamut of Apache projects as you are.

To me the intr

So don't use: 
  Existing documentation + Top 10 misconceptions

Do use:
  Rewritten documentation


In my opinion, it is very off-putting that the FIRST example
includes a 'Spring Bean'. Any use whatever of Java
should be in the 'advanced' examples.

No. 1)  should serve a static page
No. 2)  should have a single XML->(XSLT)->HTML  pipeline
No. 3)  should have  XML  inputs and a few outputs
No. 4)  should be similar in functionality to the 'Hello World' samples


I liked the video, as I said before, but so far I have not been able to 
get my
system to behave the same way.  Firstly, I don't (yet) have the RCL plug-in.
Actually, I was looking for an eclipse plug-in.


Secondly, neither the modified Spring Bean nor the original one seem
to work. (Maven is compiling the new version, which I confirmed by
deleting its class file and seeing it reappear ). But the output  of


remains the same:


Do I need to install the Spring Framework, or what ?


Thirdly, will I be able to get a modified Cocoon project
to auto-run under Tomcat rather than jetty?
(XML-modified, not Java-modified so it does
not need a compile stage)

I am not used to having a separate 'deploy to Tomcat'
stage once I have the basics working, and just want to
make minor adjustments. In fact, I have NEVER used
jetty since I first installed Cocoon several years ago.
And I don't normally have two versions of a project,
I just modify things in place, in the Tomcat webapps
directories. I don't need to stop and restart Cocoon.


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