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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Re: REPOST: Database connection "overload"
Date Wed, 04 Jun 2008 10:18:03 GMT
This was my thought too.  I have numerous modules & functions that
open (and should close!) connections.  On manual inspection they all
seem to be OK, but possibly there is one somewhere which is not correct.
Hence my need to try and prevent this; or have the system in some way
report exactly when & where this is happening so I can fix the offending
code.   Any ideas on how to do this?

>>> On 2008/06/04 at 11:18, in message <>, Johannes
Textor <> wrote:

the only condition I am aware of which might make the application
"freeze" is when connections are not properly closed and returned to the
connection pool. Could you post the javascript code you use to obtain a
connection from the DB and then close it ?


Derek Hohls schrieb:
> Anyone have any ideas on this?
>>>> On 2008/05/27 at 09:15, in message <>,
"Derek Hohls" <> wrote:
> Running Cocoon 2.1.8
> It seems to be the case that, when the number of allowed database connections
> are exceeded (called by a "getConnection" in flowscript), the application will then
> freeze - is there any mechanism to detect and avoid this condition - and is there 
> any means to "reboot" the application without restarting the whole servlet container
> (which affects all the other Cocoon applications which are running there)?
> Thanks
> Derek

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