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From EliSF <>
Subject JavaScript in stylesheet vs. in sitemap flow
Date Tue, 20 Jan 2009 00:56:31 GMT

hi -
Extreme newbie here, apologies in advance.

I have an XSLT stylesheet that needs to know some information from the HTTP
request -- specifically, a cookie value.  I know there is an option for
making cookies available to the XSLT transformer, but I don't think changing
the transformer is an option in this case, because this is within Daisy and
I need the rest of the Daisy webapp to behave as usual.  I see two promising
approaches, but I'm unclear on how to apply them:

1. Add an extension to the sitemap.  I see how to create a pipeline that
will call my JavaScript code, and I can get the cookie value within JS.  But
then I don't see how to get this value from within the XSLT that's in the
Daisy pipeline.  I don't want to actually generate web content from within
the extension -- that should stay in the XSLT.

2. Define a JS extension function within the stylesheet itself.  As long as
I have bsf.jar, this works fine... except that now my JS code doesn't seem
to have access to the Cocoon API, or at least to the global variable
"cocoon"; so I can't refer to the current request and get its cookies.

This seems like it shouldn't be a terribly unusual thing to want to do, and
I'm hoping I've missed some really obvious solution.  I've asked around on
the Daisy list too, but I don't think this is anything Daisy-specific (apart
from the limitation of not wanting to mess with the currently defined

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