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From Grzegorz Kossakowski <>
Subject Re: AW: C2.2 with CForms, JavaFlow and JPA (Hibernate)
Date Sat, 03 Jan 2009 16:52:58 GMT
Christofer Dutz pisze:
> Hi Luca,
> first of all ... thanks for your response.
> I switched from FlowScript to JavaFlow about two years ago ... JavaFlow
> seems to use some apache bytecode manipulation libs ind versions 2.x and
> Hibernate seems to be stuck on 1.5 ... both seem to be incompatible. So I
> got quite some exceptions and didn't manage to get the whole thing working.
> Is there any documentation on pseudoprotocols? For example I would really
> appreciate some kind of explanation on how to go from the plain project
> created by the archetype 2 (Simple block with small samples) to enabling
> CForms. Which blocks are needed, which additions do I need for any config
> files (And what would really be great. If an explanation why I have to do
> what) ...	I would then try to setup the usage of JavaFlow over the
> holidays and try to get the JPA thing working ... 

Hi Christofer.

I have a bunch of simple projects at my hard disk created over summer when I was migrating
big application from C2.1 to C2.2. There is one sample showing how to use CForms with two
flow languages: Flowscript and Apples. I guess that it would greatly help you with your struggles
with Javaflow.

I have initial permission to publish this code from my employer but it was a lack of time
and itch
that made me to not publish until now. Since I see it would be useful for you I'll try to
publish it
next weekend.

Moreover, there is a simple blog application[1] I started long time ago and abandoned mainly
in order to move forward I would have to learn more about things like Acegi Security which
are not
in my focus right now. Anyway, if there is anybody willing to contribute to this application
knowledge specific to 3rd-party technologies (examples: Acegi, JPA, etc.) I'm willing to
collaborate. I guess creating simple application that shows how to integrate various technologies
would be the best way to learn C2.2 and fabulous gift to the community at the same time.


Best regards,
Grzegorz Kossakowski

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