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From Paul Joseph <>
Subject form validation bug re. the aggregate field?
Date Tue, 06 Jan 2009 19:24:50 GMT

(Using Cocoon 2.1.7)

I have a form with an aggregate field whose "required" property is set 
to "false" like so:

<fd:aggregatefield id="myAggregate" required="false">

I also have a save button that is set to validate the other fields whose 
required property is "true" like so:
   <fd:submit id="save" command="save" validate="true"/>

The net result is that I still have to put something into the aggregate 
field before it will save--else it simply flashes the form on the screen 
without saving anything and without entering the flow script.

Once I set the save command to NOT validate, then I don't have to fill 
in the aggregate field.

Is there some bug where the validate= "true" does not play with the 
aggregate field, always expecting it to be set to some value?


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