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From David Legg <>
Subject Re: C2.2 - Where is bu.js? (AJAX related)
Date Thu, 15 Jan 2009 11:50:11 GMT

> That suggests to me that, even though I'm sure the 
> BrowserUpdateTransformer is listed in my pipeline, it isn't working 
> yet.  I'll experiment.

As you suspected, it turns out the BrowserUpdateTransformer was *not* 
being called as it was in the wrong pipeline!  Thanks for the hint.

So, now I've moved on to being able to display the form correctly with 
no exceptions but no Ajax based updates are occurring either.  When I 
run the Cocoon suggestion list demo in Firefox using Firebug I can see 
the following requests everytime I press another key in the suggestion 


However, my test application isn't doing this so I suspect there is 
something else I need to enable first.

David Legg

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