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From David Legg <>
Subject Re: AW: AW: [C2.2] Display Upload Progress
Date Tue, 20 Jan 2009 09:38:09 GMT
Hi Matthias,

> first, a big THANKS for helping me and at the same time sorry that i destroyed your sample

No problem!

> what i didn't understand so far is:
> which instance decides which version of an artifact is the latest? why does maven try
to download e.g. cocoon-core:2.2.1 when it's not available/released?

If you look for the pom.xml file in the [Cocoon trunk folder]/parent 
folder you will see the dependency for cocoon-core listed as follows: -


As all the other blocks refer to this parent pom file that's where the 
version number is set.  The Cocoon developers could have put the version 
number in each block's local pom.xml file but in a large project like 
Cocoon it makes more sense to set the version number in one place only.

Maven should only try to download an artifact from a remote repository 
if it can't find it in your machine's local repository.  The reason for 
the 'mvn install -P allblocks' command is to ensure that all the Cocoon 
block artifacts get built and then intalled in your local repository.  
If you are running on windows this is usually located in C:\Documents 
and Settings\[user name]\.m2\repository\

If you see maven trying to download a cocoon artifact (as opposed to a 
plugin) from a remote repository it suggests something is wrong.  I 
didn't see that when I built it from scratch though.

David Legg

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