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From "Derek Hohls" <>
Subject Re: Cocoon 2.1.8 Forms + AJAX : "cocoon is not defined" [SOLVED]
Date Mon, 26 Jan 2009 14:29:32 GMT

The forms usage in the working application was in a nested pipeline
because of authorisation requirements:

<map:match pattern="foo/**">
   <map:match pattern="foo/forms/*">

But my resources link was located outside of this nested pipe:

     <map:match pattern="resources/*/**">

and as soon as I added them back in:

     <map:match pattern="foo/resources/*/**">

things worked just fine.

In retrospect, André had pointed out something like this a while back:

but somehow I did not connect my error message with his response.

Oh well, this post may help someone else at sometime!


>>> On 2009/01/26 at 12:54, in message
<>, "Derek Hohls"
<> wrote:
With respect to the previous thread: 

I took the approach I planned; i.e. start with a working version from
sample and gradually add in my changes until done.  Now I have a 
working sample in a test directory of my Cocoon instance (2.18.)

However, when I copy all the files over into my working application
directory (*same* Cocoon instance), I now get an error, shown 
with Firebug as:

"cocoon is not defined" with a pointer to the 
<script>cocoon.forms.ajax = true;</script>
tag that appears near the top of the form.

(In the original working version, this error does not appear)

This does not appear to prevent the AJAX aspect of the form working
properly in Firefox - though the page will load but not display at all
IE - and I also get a "onsubmit was called twice" when I click on the

Does anyone have an idea what the specific cause of this problem
could be - i.e. where the script is looking for the definition, given
I have tried to keep everything "equivalent" (i.e. a line-by-line
of the HTML source shows the files are the same, apart from directory
name differences, and the resource & stylesheets directories/files are

the same).


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