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From "Andy Stevens" <>
Subject Re: Determining the host OS
Date Tue, 20 Jan 2009 17:55:01 GMT
2009/1/20 Martin Holmes <>:
> HI Steve,
> Do you know how to call this in a sitemap? If I pass this into an XSLT
> transformation:
> <map:parameter name="osName" value="{}" />
> the parameter is empty.

That looks reasonable to me.  I assume you've got the input module
defined somewhere? (either in the components section of the sitemap
or, more likely, the default
logger="core.modules.input" name="system-property"/>
entry in cocoon.xconf)
Chances are it would throw an error anyway if it wasn't.

What if you try
<map:parameter name="osName" value="testing-{}" />
?  Is the parameter still empty in your XSL?  If so, it's not the
input module bit that's the problem.  What does the start of your XSL
file (especially the xsl:param) look like?

The system-property module is a jxpath-based one; I know the example
on uses
but I'd have thought it should still be okay with no functions.  Do
any other system properties work?  Perhaps the app server hides some
of them - if you write a JSP that loops over them all and prints them
out, is included in the list?  Are you getting any
securitymanager errors appearing in the logs?

Some more ideas at least.


> Cheers,
> Martin
> Stephen Winnall wrote:
>> There is a module called SystemPropertyModule which appears to do what you
>> want. Just ask it for "".
>> Steve
>> On 20 Jan 2009, at 01:09, Martin Holmes wrote:
>>> HI folks,
>>> I'm trying to write a Cocoon-2.1-based application which I want to be
>>> completely portable between Tomcats running on Linux, OSX and Windows. I'm
>>> having a problem with the use of slashes and backslashes, especially on
>>> Windows, where I've found that some relative paths are expressed with
>>> backslashes and some with forward slashes, and the {realpath:/} constant
>>> returns a value without a trailing slash (whereas on *nix there seems to
>>> always be a trailing slash.
>>> I could solve these problems using Flowscript and XSLT if I could
>>> determine what host OS Cocoon is running on. However, I can't find a way to
>>> do that in the sitemap. There's the HostSelector, which tells me the domain
>>> of the host; and there's the BrowserSelector, which tells me the connecting
>>> client's browser; but there's no way I can find to discover what operating
>>> system Cocoon is running on.
>>> Does anyone know a way to do this, preferably directly in the sitemap?
>>> All help appreciated,
>>> Martin

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