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From "Fernando" <>
Subject Is Cocoon the right tool?
Date Wed, 04 Mar 2009 18:15:23 GMT
First of all, I'm  a newbie, so please bear with me in case any question is
unacceptably idiotic. O:-)
I'm considering Cocoon for a new project, but being completely new to this
area I'm not 100% sure if it's the right tool for the job.
I need to generate complex documents from an xml file. There are 2 steps in
the doc generation:
(a) Step 1: No formatting is applied, only the content and structure of the
original xml doc is transformed by a series of hairy rules. I was planning
to use Jess ( for this first part and generate a  final
xml doc, ready for step 2.
(b) Step 2: The document created by step 1 should be rendered into a
gazillion different formats (different layout, fonts, styles, etc...). The
output should be: RTF, PDF and HTML. MS Word .DOC would be a plus, but not
Can Cocoon help with Step 2 without requiring significant programming on my
side? Where can I find examples of layout and format definitions for Cocoon?
Thanks in advance,

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