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From MÂȘ Magdalena Buades Fuster <>
Subject Binding on-update null value
Date Thu, 12 Mar 2009 14:08:01 GMT

If I have a XML, for example:
  <FIELD Modified="N">

And I delete the value from the form, the binding,  then, remove the 
element <VALUE>.
This is the result:
  <FIELD Modified="N" />

And on-update in the binding doesn't work.
This is the example code from my binding.
<fb:value path="FIELD" id="field">                                       
           <fb:context path="..">
              <fb:set-attribute value="Y" name="Modified"/>

And return this DEBUG error into the forms.log:
PoolThread-5/ValueJXPathBinding: value= null-- oldvalue=Value1
Cannot create a relative context for a non-existent node: /XML/FIELD/VALUE

Because the elemnet VALUE is removed from the XML before, if the VALUE 
is null, and then the context path doesn't exist.


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