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From Paul Joseph <>
Subject pagination with repeater
Date Sat, 18 Apr 2009 12:49:09 GMT
Hi There,

I am on Cocoon 2.1.11 and am trying to implement the pagination repeater 
in my app.

I copied the directory into my app but when I try to access the page I 
get the following error:

org.apache.cocoon.ResourceNotFoundException: No pipeline matched 
request: myapp/pagination/paginated-display-pipeline

and, I DO have an entry for the pipeline in my sitemap as shown below.  
Shouldn't the request "webtask/pagination/paginated-display-pipeline" 
match the pattern "*-display-pipeline"?  or do I have to get rid of the 
"webtask/pagination/" part of the request (though I am not sure how to 
do that.)


      <map:match pattern="*-display-pipeline">
        <!-- pipeline to show the form -->
        <map:generate src="{1}.tpl.xml" type="jx"/>
         <map:transform type="browser-update"/>
        <map:transform type="i18n">
          <map:parameter name="locale" value="en-US"/>
        <map:call resource="simple-page2html">
          <map:parameter name="file" value="{1}.tpl.xml"/>
         <map:transform src="../resources/forms-samples-styling.xsl">
           <map:parameter name="resources-uri" 
       <!--map:select type="ajax-request">
         <map:when test="true">
           <map:serialize type="xml"/>
           <map:serialize type="html"/>

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