The problem was in continuation's time-to-live!!! It's not session )))

2009/4/20 Derek Hohls <>
And, just for completeness - what is the way to set this in the sitemap
(e.g. after a user logs in)?

>>> On 2009/04/18 at 06:01, in message <>, Andre Juffer <> wrote:
Maria Grigorieva wrote:
> I'm using flowscript and when I left the page for some time,
> and then trying to change the field's value, I've got "request failed".
> Maybe it depends on the default cocoon's session time?
> How can I change this time (to make it for example 20 minutes)???

You can change this with
cocoon.session.setMaxInactiveInterval(10800); š // 3 hours: 3 * 60 * 60

(argument is in seconds).

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