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From Ken Starks <>
Subject Re: XSLT is Dead ?!
Date Fri, 01 May 2009 05:49:27 GMT
oddly enough, the first example of embedded XSP in the Moczar and Aston 
book is to find the time
with a tiny bit of embedded java.

Date now = new Date();

By the way, today's date is <xsp:expr>now,/xsp;exp>


I have also used the considerable date/time functionality of postgreSQL 
to construct entire (virtual) tables for a
calendar - then imported them into the cocoon pipeline.

(i can't remember off hand which approach is done just once, and which 
is re-done on-the-fly at every refresh if you want
time to the centisecond as well as date)


Derek Hohls wrote:
> Out of interest... which part of Cocoon lacks "date/time awareness" -
> the sitemap?  Can't a (custom-written) java module execute/call an
> external program?  Also not sure about "directory listing" - does the
> Directory Generator not serve in that role?
>>>> On 2009/04/30 at 02:48, in message <>, Peter Flynn
<> wrote:
> Stephen Winnall wrote:
> [...]
> I've been using Cocoon almost since the start, and although there are 
> bits I haven't grokked yet, I find it one of the most productive tools 
> around. There are aspects of its design I disagree with (the removal of 
> DTD-detected pipelines from v1.*, the lack of interface to the system 
> like directory listing or date/time awareness, and the inability to 
> execute an external program even when the program generates XML, unless 
> you fake it via a web script), but it's flexible enough to work around 
> most of these.
> Reports of XSLT's demise are much exaggerated :-)
> ///Peter

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