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From Christian Decker <>
Subject Map serialize flowscript output
Date Mon, 11 May 2009 23:10:36 GMT
Hi everybody,

I've created a transformer for the sitemap that takes a GXL file as input
and then applies layout algorithm and then passes the resulting graph on as
SVG image. It all works fine, but now I wanted to use JX to fill in a
template that would then be transformed and serialized, but I can't get it
to work. Apparently the pages I send back with cocoon.sendPage are not
Long story short: I have the following matcher:

<map:match pattern="project.svg">
  <map:call function="projectGraph">
    <map:parameter name="screenURI" value="screen/screens/project-graph" />
    <map:parameter name="projectID" value="1" />
  <map:transform type="gxl2svgTransformer"/>
  <map:serialize type="svgxml"/>

But this just prints me the filled in template instead of feeding it into
the gxl2svgtransformer. The transformers work fine as I already tested them
with a simple generate tag. The flowscript sends pages using

cocoon.sendPage( cocoon.parameters[ "screenURI" ], {"project" :project,
"dao" :dao} );

Somehow I think I got the sitemap concept wrong. Somebody got an idea?

Christian Decker
Software Architect

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