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From "Christophe Fondacci" <>
Subject Re: IncludeTransformer: 2 parallel threads only ?
Date Thu, 11 Jun 2009 12:16:02 GMT
Hello all,

Digged a little further to find out why external URLs inclusion cannot be done in parallel.
It seems like the problem is located in the org.apache.cocoon.transformation.IncludeTransformer
line 563 (Cocoon 2.1.11) :

synchronized (validity) {
The second "external" inclusion processed by the IncludeTransformer is waiting for synch on
the addSource method call.

When working with sitemap inclusions (cocoon://), the source.getValidity performed by the
addSource method returns immediately without really invoking the URL. There is no synchronization
issue here.

When working with external URL inclusions (http://), the source.getValidity makes the remote
call and waits for the element to be generated, thus creating synchronization issues preventing
the use of parallel inclusion of external URL. Each inclusion will wait on the synchronize
until the previous call returns.

Is there a way to workaround this ? 

Thank you,


From: Christophe Fondacci 
Sent: Thursday, June 11, 2009 11:03 AM
Subject: Re: IncludeTransformer: 2 parallel threads only ?

Update :
Default parallel inclusion seems to work fine with any number of threads.

To workaround the last point of my previous email (parallel inclusion of "external" URLs),
I made a XSP wrapper which is a XSP to include locally (through "cocoon:/"), though enabling
parallelism, which simply includes external URL.

When I use this XSP to wrap all my external inclusions, parallelism do work but limits the
parallelism to 2 threads.

Here is an extract of the content of this wrapper XSP :



final String myURL = <util:get-sitemap-parameter name="my_url"/>;

final String xspRef = request.getParameter(CocoonURLUtils.PARAM_XSP_REF);

final String urlQuery = CocoonURLUtils.getURLQuery(request);


<xsp:attribute name="src"><xsp:expr>myURL</xsp:expr>/<xsp:expr>xspRef</xsp:expr><xsp:expr>urlQuery</xsp:expr></xsp:attribute>




Thanks to anyone who could explain me why do i have this behaviour.

From: Christophe Fondacci 
Sent: Thursday, June 11, 2009 10:26 AM
Subject: IncludeTransformer: 2 parallel threads only ?

Hello all,

I am currently working with the parallel inclusion through the IncludeTransformer. Our website
is based on Cocoon 2.1.11.
It works fine and we truly like this feature, but I notice some strange behaviour :
  a.. I have a XSP page with 4 "i:include" inclusions. We configured the include transformer
in the sitemap to enable parallelism. 
  b.. I placed breakpoints on every included page to see how cocoon processes the inclusions.

  c.. When I try to generate this page, it seems like inclusions are made 2 by 2. I see 2
of my breakpoints being reached, the others being reached only after completion of these first
inclusions. The weird thing is that the order seem to change randomly : sometime i got inclusion
1 and 4 first, sometime 1 and 2, etc. I would have expected to see my 4 breakpoints being
reached in 4 distinct threads...
Could someone explain to me if it is possible to include these 4 elements in 4 parallel threads
or whether there are some limitations or restrictions on the parallelism ?

The other thing (less important since i found a workaround) is that parallelism seem to only
work when referencing local elements through the cocoon protocol (URI like "cocoon:/"). As
soon as we reference inclusions through "external" URLs (URI like "http://"), every inclusion
seem to be processed sequentially.
Could you confirm this is the expected behaviour ? If someone can explain me why it is working
this way I would be very interested.

Thank your very much for your help / time
& keep up the good work !

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