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From "Perez Guerrero, Antonio Javier" <>
Subject RE: Avoid a class to be garbage collected
Date Mon, 08 Jun 2009 08:17:58 GMT
Then the only thing I have to do is to define the class as a bean in my core.xml (which is
loaded from applicationContext.xml). Nice!
Thanks a lot Andre
PS: I'm using Cocoon 2.2 and Spring 2.5, I forgot to say it.


if you rely on Cocoon 2.2, then creating classes with Spring would be
the way to go:

Spring 3.*

Spring 2.5.*

While most developers with Spring would prefer XML to define their
beans, one can also do so by annotation.


Perez Guerrero, Antonio Javier wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there any way I can "bind" a class with Cocoon, or make it
> persistent, so it's never destroyed by the garbage collector?
> I've a singleton class containing some data structures (basically
> Maps), which need to be shared between users (so, I can't store them
> in session). I could write the data to a XML file, but I'd really
> prefer to avoid it, because the data is going to change very frecuently.
> Thanks

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