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From MÂȘ Magdalena Buades Fuster <>
Subject Problem with union binding value
Date Mon, 29 Jun 2009 08:31:12 GMT
I want to try make a form with two possibilities depending of a widget's 
value (test).
The first time is correct, because the union is loaded correctly.
But when I change the selecion-list (widget test) I lost the values, 
even if I select the initial value loaded again.
But, if the widgets test1 and test2 are with state="output" it works 

This is the definition:

    <fd:field id="test">
      <fd:datatype base="string" />
        <fd:item value="1">One</fd:item>
        <fd:item value="2">Two</fd:item>
    <fd:union id="union-prova" case="prova">
        <fd:group id="1">
            <fd:field id="test1">
              <fd:label>Test 1</fd:label>
              <fd:datatype base="string" />
        <fd:group id="2">
            <fd:field id="test2">
              <fd:label>Test 2</fd:label>
              <fd:datatype base="string" />


<ft:widget id="test"/>
<ft:union id="union-test">
  <ft:case id="1">
    <ft:group id="1">
      <ft:widget id="test1"/>
  <ft:case id="2">
    <ft:group id="2">
      <ft:widget id="test2" />       


<fb:context path="TEST" direction="load">
  <fb:value id="test" path="@Test" />
  <fb:union id="union-test" path=".">
    <fb:group id="1" path=".">
      <fb:value id="test1" path="TEST1" />
    <fb:group id="2" path=".">
      <fb:value id="test2" path="TEST2" />

Data XML:

<TEST Test="2">
  <TEST1>Test 1</TEST1>
  <TEST2>Test 2</TEST2>


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