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From Jos Snellings <>
Subject Re: Starting out with Cocoon 2.2
Date Fri, 11 Sep 2009 03:33:23 GMT

Recognizing the feeling of disconcertation when after having worked with
Cocoon 2.1 one comes back and finds out about Cocoon 2.2.

- many things have changed, (striving towards MVC paradigm)
  which is OK, if things are improving

- Cocoon still depends on Avalon (which caused me troubles in the past)

- and most important: Maven is very powerful and practical, I was
impressed by just having to download the artifacts and after two magical
lines I have an eclipse project and a running sample. It hides lots of
complexity and that is at times its biggest danger. Suppose you consider
Cocoon for a product or project, then you would want to know what you
are doing, what you need to include and where it is all coming from.
Making your own distribution is not for the faint of heart.

Now coming back after a few months I was quite surprised in the positive
sense by Cocoon 3:

- only the spring dependency would remain, allowing architechts to
really start considering cocoon as part of a solution
- architecture evolving nicely towards REST, whilst keeping the good and
powerful part: the sitemap and the pipelines.

Yep, this is what I was waiting for.

The most important objection that remains is documentation. As an
execise I tried to package Cocoon-3 differently, without 'Reloading
Class Loader', and it turned out a difficult exercise. Tampering a bit
with the architecture is always a good exercise when you want to
evaluate an upcoming product. It gives you right an answer to the
question "how modular is it really?". Maybe I could drop a line in the
documentation about that, when the wiki is reorganised.


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