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From Francesco Chicchiriccò <>
Subject Re: Starting out with Cocoon 2.2
Date Thu, 10 Sep 2009 15:41:59 GMT
On 10/sep/09, at 16:55, Jeroen Reijn wrote

> Well I think that some people have put Cocoon on a low profile.  
> There were a lot of great frameworks added to the ASF code base  
> lately, which made people broaden their perspective.
> I don't really think that people quit working with/on Cocoon,  
> because Cocoon 2.1 is stable and a lot of people are using it.  
> Cocoon 2.2 however has slowed down in development, but did not  
> really stop. Some developers have started working on Cocooon 3.0  
> alpha, which is still under development.
> One of the great things of a community is that the more people get  
> involved into the project, the more the project evolves. Don't be  
> shy to still keep working with Cocoon. One of the things on my todo  
> list is to do some work on the Cocoon JCR block. I don't really have  
> an estimate on when I can find some time, but I hope it to be soon.

...which in turn would result in Hippo 7 to get a Cocoon front-end,  
right? :-)

> Andre Juffer wrote:
>> Francesco Chicchiriccò wrote:
>>> On 10/sep/09, at 15:05, Ellis Pritchard wrote:
>>>> Lamentable indeed.
>>>> Having taken a break from Cocoon 2.1 at work, and returned to  
>>>> 2.2, after much pain and frustration at recreating what was in  
>>>> cocoon using 'pure' java and spring mvc + freemarker (urgh) +  
>>>> 1000's of lines of horrible java to do stuff cocoon did for free,  
>>>> I realize how much I miss the simple power of the platform. For  
>>>> XML content, there is simply nothing better.
>>>> 2.2 really should have been finished: user docs, the halfway  
>>>> house between spring and Avalon, missing blocks (eventcache  
>>>> anyone?)... it's all so close and yet so far.
>>>> I'd love to get involved in polishing this stuff, but I've never  
>>>> really been part of the 'community', just finding and reporting  
>>>> tricky defects!
>>>> Is there any interest out there for futher work on 2.2?
>>> I am.
>> I am as well. It would be a shame if cocoon would not be developed  
>> further. It is really a great platform!
>>>> On 10 Sep 2009, at 12:56, David Legg  
>>>> <  
>>>> <>> wrote:
>>>>> Hi David,
>>>>>> I'm just about to embark on a new project... I'd like to use  
>>>>>> Cocoon 2.2 for this, but I'm concerned about the apparent lack  
>>>>>> of support for it.
>>>>> It is true that Cocoon has hit a low point at the moment and I'm  
>>>>> sure many of us wonder if it will ever recover.  Many of the  
>>>>> original contributors have moved on to other things and  
>>>>> officially version 2 (and 2.2) are in 'maintenance mode'.   
>>>>> Version 3 is still being worked on but to be honest it looks so  
>>>>> different that you will be starting again from scratch compared  
>>>>> to version 2.
>>>>> It's a great shame as I really thought version 2.2 was beginning  
>>>>> to gain traction.
>>>>>> Can anyone suggest any resources that will help me get started  
>>>>>> with Cocoon 2.2?
>>>>> I would archive that book on version 2!  It will be of little  
>>>>> use to you when working with 2.2.
>>>>> Most of the useful documentation can be found here: -
>>>>> But you should be aware that this is the 'published' version of  
>>>>> the documentation.  It may be the case that the 'unpublished'  
>>>>> versions are more up to date.  To get to them you can click on  
>>>>> the link at the bottom of the page where it mentions 'Errors and  
>>>>> Improvements'.  This link will take you to the Daisy CMS which  
>>>>> is what Cocoon members use to write and edit documentation  
>>>>> before it gets published.
>>>>> Yes!... It is a horrible mess and I have commented about this  
>>>>> before but was persuaded it was for the best.
>>>>>> I'm concerned that interest in and support for Cocoon is dying  
>>>>>> out. Would I be better off choosing a completely different  
>>>>>> technology for my project?
>>>>> I would say think seriously before you commit another year or  
>>>>> two of your life to learning it!
>>>>> Regards,
>>>>> David Legg

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