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From Gabriel Gruber <>
Subject Re: Alternative to Javascript + continuations?
Date Fri, 11 Sep 2009 06:00:07 GMT
Hi David,

we have a huge product based on cocoon 2.1.11 / spring / hibernate and 
started 5 years ago with the flowscript / continuations aproach. 
meanwhile we introduced adapters to use javaclasses instead of 
flowscripts. main reason for not using apples directly was, that we did 
not want to change our authorization logic which is embedded in global 
flowscripts which are executed upon every request coming in and then 
dispatching to the correct controllers.

by using java we can benefit from refactoring tools in eclipse, 
auto-complete, AOP, spring ....



David Legg <> 
10.09.2009 23:55
Please respond to


Alternative to Javascript + continuations?

Hi Robby,

> ...Whereas I used flowscript very heavily in the past, I'm tending
> towards java based solutions more and more and Cocoon3.0 sounds
> promising with it's REST-controllers.

Out of curiosity, when you say you are using less flowscript and more 
Java these days what do you replace the flowscript with?

I thought one of Cocoon's best contributions to humanity was flowscript 
together with continuations so I'm curious to learn what you use 
instead... are you using Apples?

David Legg

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