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From Charles McCallum <>
Subject Trying to find cocoon-fop-ng-impl in order to use FOP 0.9x with Cocoon 2.2?
Date Wed, 21 Oct 2009 17:17:01 GMT
I would like to use FOP 0.9x with Cocoon 2.2: This should be possible.

> by Jasha Joachimsthal-2 Aug 15, 2008
> ...
> cocoon-fop-ng-impl uses FOP 0.9x. cocoon-fop-impl uses FOP 0.20.x
> The number of the Cocoon FOP block does not follow the FOP versioning. 

... but, when I try to reference that artifact in my pom, maven can't resolve the dependency:

> Missing:
> ----------
> 1) org.apache.cocoon:cocoon-fop-ng-impl:jar:1.0.0

I've done a little searching, but I can't find an artifact by this name (cocoon-fop-ng-impl)
in any repository. Reading through the lists, it seems like at some point there was some trouble
in satisfying a FOP 0.9x dependency, and that was preventing the Cocoon artifact from being
released (for instance:, but the message referencing
"cocoon-fop-ng-impl" above is latter, so that suggests the problems were resolved somehow?

Any advice on a way forward? Right now, in Cocoon 2.2, with the pom referencing "cocoon-fop-impl",
my XSL-FO is triggering a known bug in FOP 0.2x ("No meaningful layout in block after many
attempts.  Infinite loop is assumed."). If I download the FOP 0.9x jar, and just use it directly,
the PDF renders without problems. Is there a Cocoon 2.2 block using FOP 0.9x available, or
do I just need to make one myself? Thanks.

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