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From Alexander Daniel <>
Subject Re: XHTML via Tidy not making it into XSLT
Date Fri, 23 Oct 2009 16:59:44 GMT
On 23.10.2009, at 13:26, Peter Flynn wrote:

> Testing it from the command line with Saxon, I get this:
>> Recoverable error on line 7 of file:/xsl/tools.xsl:
>>  FODC0005: Server returned HTTP response code:  
>> 503 for URL:
> 503 is a temporary overload, but that URI is retrievable with curl  
> the instant before and after using Saxon. And in any case, when  
> going via Cocoon it would cache the DTD (wouldn't it? to avoid  
> overloading the W3C with a gazillion requests for the DTD URI?)

Cocoon uses the entity resolution via catalogs for resolving DTDs.  
"xhtml1-strict.dtd" is defined in [1] as PUBLIC via "-//W3C//DTD XHTML  
1.0 Strict//EN". ""  
is the SYSTEM one. I summarized some info about the entity resolving  
in Cocoon 2.2 in [2].

I also experienced that URLs are sometimes retrievable and  
sometimes not, i.e. you can't count on them.



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