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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject Re: Use Case for Cocoon with JSF?
Date Sat, 19 Dec 2009 21:10:59 GMT

On Dec 19, 2009, at 6:07 AM, Andre Juffer wrote:

> wrote:
>> Betreff: Re: Use Case for Cocoon with JSF?
>> Gesendet: Sa, 19. Dez 2009
>> Von: Ralph Goers<>
>>> Actually, I could agree with that, although there are other choices - such
>>> as having GWT use JSON objects.  As I reread your comment it occurs to me
>>> that you are actually agreeing. Using Cocoon to generate and process XML is
>>> what it excels at. Feeding that XML to a UI component is certainly a great
>>> way to use Cocoon. But there are better choices now other than having Cocoon
>>> manage the whole web page or site and dynamically generate the page
>>> content.
> According to you, what would the better alternative? Wicket? Dojo?

I don't think there is necessarily a one size fits all. In addition, my primary job isn't
doing web gui development so I don't keep up on all the latest stuff. I know that the developers
I work with have become very fond of GWT in conjunction with Spring. What I can tell you is
that we have a product that used to be based on the Cocoon portal. When we realized we were
never going to need to actually deploy portlets in the site one of the engineers wrote a very
small framework that used the Cocoon portal site layout concept but used only velocity templates
to render content. That framework performs an order of magnitude faster and uses much less
memory at the cost of a significant loss in flexibility that it turns out we don't need. 

The point is, Cocoon (and JSF) still have their place - they should just be used for what
they were designed for and only where they provide the most value.

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