On Tue, Dec 29, 2009 at 10:16 AM, joao tiago a. m. viegas <jtviegas@gmail.com> wrote:
oh thank you, but I'm not, if you'd read the message till the end you'd see there's:

and if in the javascript function i change the function invocation for
i get
processPipelineTo is not a function

Doh.  Sorry.  I did miss that.  According to an example in the cocoon source (sendpage.js), that is the correct invocation.  The only thing that might make a difference is the type of nullos.  In the example, it's org.apache.cocoon.util.NullOutputStream, whereas in your code it's org.apache.cocoon.ant.NullOutputStream.  That may cause rhino to not correctly match the method you're expecting.

One more thing to note: the example you post doesn't end in a call to cocoon.sendPage(), so you'll likely get nothing coming back to the browser, or an error.  Not sure which.