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From Nils Kaiser <>
Subject Re: high memory usage in MemoryAspectDataStore (portal block)
Date Tue, 08 Jun 2010 20:31:36 GMT

I actually found out what was wrong! We had accidentally set the 
pipelines for profile loading (pipeline "load-global-profile") to 
"noncaching", which caused Cocoon (GroupBasedProfileManager) to reload 
the profile at every login instead of once!

Maybe that should be mentioned in the documentation for the portal 
profiles and in a comment in cocoon.xconf or the 2.2 spring files... Or 
GroupBasedProfileManager could throw an exception as it is creating a 
memory leak with the wrong behavior.


Nils Kaiser

Am 07.06.2010 22:55, schrieb Nils Kaiser:
> Hi all,
> I am having trouble with a cocoon 2.1 portal application. We use a 
> single layout for the site, users cannot really customize it but some 
> maximizing/restoring is done (a search coplet that maximizes to show 
> search results for example).
> At the moment, the servers are restarted every night as memory usage 
> is increasing over the day. A heap dump analysis showed that the 
> MemoryAspectDataStore grows to ~300MB, with ~300000 entries in the 
> store (HashMap). These result from coplet data aspect for the aspects 
> "sizable" and "mandatory" being saved in the MemoryAspectDataStore. I 
> thought a quick solution would have been to change their store from 
> "memory" to "session", but there is a comment in the original 
> cocoon.xconf "Use only the 'memory' aspect store with aspect datas!", 
> so I did not try that.
> I couldn't find any code that empties the store or deletes formerly 
> added entries, so I suppose that something is wrong with our usage of 
> layout / coplet data objects? Both coplet instance data and layout 
> data are currently saved and read to xml files on disk as some 
> information is stored in the user objects. Also, the application 
>  automatically creates a user for any new session, which adds 15 
> entries to the MemoryAspectDataStore. It seems that the login 
> (LoginAction) of the user (anonymous or regular) triggers a loading of 
> the profile (GroupBasedProfileManager.login()), which in turn writes 
> the aspect data for every coplet to the MemoryAspectDataStore, where 
> it seem to stay forever.
> Is this normal behavior or does it happen to an invalid configuration?
> Thanks for any hint!
> Best regards,
> Nils Kaiser

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