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From Nathaniel Grove <>
Subject Cocoon Source URLs and Unicode on WAMP Localhost
Date Mon, 28 Jun 2010 14:27:41 GMT

I am using Cocoon 2.1.11 as a webapp in Tomcat on my windows 7 localhost 
WAMP server. The Cocoon app, which displays a catalog of Tibetan texts, 
interfaces with another webapp, a Solr/Lucene instance, for searching. 
When a search call comes into Cocoon, Cocoon calls SOLR to generate an 
XML document that is then processed through Cocoon and displayed. The 
pipeline use is:

            <map:match pattern="search/*">
                <map:transform src="xsl/search-processing.xsl"/>
                <map:transform src="xsl/search-results.xsl">
                    <map:parameter name="new" value="yes"/>
                    <map:parameter name="start" value="0"/>
                <map:serialize type="html" />

When I run this on our server it works fine, but when I run it locally 
on my localhost, Cocoon responds with " Server 
returned HTTP response code: 400" when Unicode Tibetan is passed in the 
parameter (*,{1}), but returns Server returned HTTP response code: 505 
for URLwhen transliteration in Roman characters are used.. In looking at 
the log, the problem with the Tibetan is that SOLR is only receiving 
questions marks "?????" so it appears the Unicode is getting garbled by 
cocoon. In both cases, if I copy the URL from the Cocoon error page and 
paste it into the browser, it brings up the XML results of the search 
from SOLR.

The connection between Cocoon and Solr works on our Linux server, but 
doesn't work on my localhost, which is a pain for development purposes. 
I have set the encoding to UTF-8 for both the HTML and XML serializers 
in the sitemap document, but this has not helped. Any suggestions?


Than Grove

Nathaniel Grove
Research Associate & Technical Director
Tibetan & Himalayan Library
University of Virginia

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