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From Lars Huttar <>
Subject Re: XSLT document(), logging URI resolver
Date Wed, 30 Jun 2010 16:08:28 GMT
On 6/30/2010 10:45 AM, Lars Huttar wrote:
> On 6/29/2010 10:08 PM, Jos Snellings wrote:
>> Hi Lars,
>> I would say that the reference URI is the one of the xslt script itself.
> Jos, thanks for your reply.
> Why do you think that the reference (base) URI would be the URI of the
> XSLT stylesheet in this case?
> Ah... I just looked up the spec for XSLT 1.0. I had been looking at
> XSLT 2.0, where the base URI is taken from the document from which the
> (single) argument to document() belongs. But in fact the XSLT
> stylesheets I'm running declare themselves as version="1.0". So it
> could well be that the base URI here is that of the stylesheet.
>> So putting the document to fetch in the same directory should help.
>> A common problem is that there is uri-wise nothing to fetch:
>> if you use a relative URI, this would hide the fact that the protocol
>> is http;
>> if you recompose the absolute URL from there, would there be a way
>> that the document
>> would make it through the pipeline definitions in your sitemap?
> Yes, there is, if the base URI is what I thought it should be.
> But if it turns out to be the base URI of the stylesheet, the
> situation is a little different.
> I will try proceeding on that assumption and see if anything changes.

OK, I tried that...treating the base URI as that of the stylesheet. I
added a match pattern to the relevant sitemap to handle the URL as it
would be resolved relative to the stylesheet's URL.
There was no change in the result. The document() call returned nothing,
and the Cocoon logs showed no attempts to access that new match pattern
via any sitemap.


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